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If you are concerned about your environment or people you have encountered, we have attached some tools to assist you in making decisions. One size definitely does not fit all needs. What we have provided for you will give you an indication only. It is not a threat assessment nor does it offer mitigations.

If you still have concerns after completing the Self Evaluation  or reading through Suspicious Behaviour please make contact and together we can look at proportionate responses to make your environment safer.

Sometimes all that is required is a couple of small initiatives that will present your environment in a more secure light. Others require a more robust approach to mitigate threats.

Visit the Threat Assessment page to gain a better understanding of what is involved.

Counter Threat Mitigations – Where to Start

What can you do to help prevent terrorism and violent extremism

Threat Assessment

Self Assessment

Suspicious Behaviour

Counter Threat Training

Creating your Counter Threat Strategy (Adjunct)

Protecting New Zealand’s Crowded Places

New Zealand Crowded Places Strategy Documents

National Terrorism Threat Level