Human Behaviour Detection

Fight or flight –  when triggered, typical behaviour is displayed.  

Once an offender knows they are being observed it creates stress either consciously or subconsciously triggering a flight or fight reaction within the amygdala portion of the brain, they cannot mask this reaction or the behavioural traits that identify them as a potential problem to trained observers.

While CCTV is an effective detection and monitoring tool, it cannot replace the efficiency of Human Behaviour Detection Officers (HBD) on the ground overtly scanning, detecting and triggering a response.

Our staff are trained in Human Behaviour Detection (HBD), the ability to scan crowds and identify

potential offenders before they commit a hostile act against you.

Deploying HBD at your points of entry and other strategic locations of mass gatherings, not only enhances your ability to detect and prevent trouble, it portrays to all in the area that you are vigilant and do not present a soft target.

HBD is an effective prevention in any area of mass gathering or crowded space inclusive of events, public spaces, workplaces and shopping malls.

Deploying our staff or training yours, please make contact for details.