Additional Services

Additional Services are available inclusive of onsite threat management

If you feel you need an added presence during an event or VIP visit, you have live media in play or you are quite simply a high profile target, we can provide that on the ground presence for you.

Are you senior management and tasked with making those all important decisions should an incident or crisis occur? We will construct scenario training specific to your business risks for those key staff or senior management. Training on what may occur before it does, makes for better more informed decisions.

If you’re responsible for Health and Safety, your system should have counter-threat/hostile action policies and procedures documented, inclusive of lockdown if applicable. We will work with you to provide this content for you, specific to your business or undertaking.

How far could a determined offender penetrate into your business or controlled area. Just how good are your current preventative measures and on what do you gauge the effectiveness? Have they been tested in real time? Penetration testing will determine the answer, identify gaps and offer mitigations.

A number of additional services are available, discussed in person.